2017 About

 Thanks to all who attended the 2017 Conference.  Copies of many of the presentations are now available online.  Click here for access.

Wind power generation has been increasing exponentially throughout the world due to rapid advances in the key enabling technologies.  The International Conference on Future Technologies in Wind Energy (WindTech) brings together technical experts working to improve these technologies.  It requires cross-sector (public, private, and academic) and cross-disciplinary (wind engineering, meteorology, systems engineering, observations, aerodynamics, controls, materials, etc.) collaborations to make this happen.  WindTech is a place to foster these collaborations in order to accelerate future advances.

The theme of WindTech2017 was “Modeling and Validation across Scales.” This theme capitalizes on recent efforts to improve wind plant modeling and ground that modeling in observations.  All topics invited, but the 2017 conference emphasized in advancing our knowledge and technology in order to further optimize wind plant deployments.

Local Organizing Committee
  • Sue Ellen Haupt, 2017 Conference Chair, National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • Jonathan Naughton, WindTech Chair and 2013 Conference Chair, University of Wyoming
  • Horia M. Hangan, 2015 Conference Chair, University of Western Ontario
  • Rebeccca J. Barthelmie, Cornell University
  • James G. Brasseur, University of Colorado
  • Branko Kosovic, National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • Julie K. Lundquist, University of Colorado
  • Maryam Refan, Florida International University
  • Mike Robinson, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • James M. Wilczak, Earth Systems Research Laboratory, NOAA
  • Paul S. Veers, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
International Advisory Board
  • Sandrine Aubrun (University of Orleans, France)
  • Stefan Emeis (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
  • Line Storelvmo Holmberg (Vestas)
  • Jakob Mann (Technical University of Denmark)
  • Charles Meneveau (Johns Hopkins, USA)
  • Lucy Pao (Colorado University, Boulder, USA)
  • Joachim Peinke (University of Oldenberg and FORWind, Germany)
  • Joachim Reuder (University of Bergen, Norway)
  • Anna Maria Sempreviva (Technical University of Denmark)
  • Carlos Simão Ferreira (TU Delft, Denmark)
  • Jens Sorensen (Technical University of Denmark)
  • Ed White (Texas A&M, USA)