2015 Abstracts

All abstracts reviewed by the Advisory Board members and selected abstracts assigned to appropriate sessions for presentations.

Abstracts for 2015 were in relation to all areas of wind energy technology. The focus for this conference was testing (field and controlled conditions) and the instrumentation used for such tests.  Abstracts concerning field and wind tunnel/laboratory experimental methods, instrumentation, and the use of measurements for validation were particularly encouraged. Session topics included, but were not limited to, the following areas:

National and international overviews
  • Support and funding strategies
  • National/international campaigns
  • Field testing facilities
Wind resource & full scale testing
  • Remote and in situ measurements
  • ABL and freestream measurements
  • On- and off-shore/complex terrain
  • Model development/validation needs
Wind Tunnel and field measurements
  • Flow field and wakes
  • Steady and unsteady aerodynamics
  • Scaling issues
  • Reconciling models and measurements
  • Unique facilities and instrumentation
Control and performance
  • Wind turbine and wind farm control
  • Fatigue and extreme loads
  • Aeroacoustics
  • Structural health/condition monitoring
Components and Materials
  • Blade/drive train/generators
  • Blade materials, components and manufacturing
  • Future materials
  • Multi-scale testing: laminates and structures
  • Environmental effects on components
  • Defects and damage
Analysis and design methods for wind turbines
  • Full-scale and sub-structural testing
  • Foundation and tower design
Enabling technologies for wind energy integration
  • Grid connectivity issues for wind energy
  • Wind energy technologies for off-grid applications
  • Policy issues for promotion of wind energy
  • Wind farm design

Note: Full paper submissions are not required